Make a Difference

At Bethel Health and Healing Network we take great pride in our volunteers, who have won coveted awards such as the BVSC Volunteer Team of the Year Award, 2017. This was in recognition of the selfless contributions our volunteers make to improving the lives of some of the most vulnerable and isolated people in Birmingham.

Volunteering with Bethel Health and Healing Network is a rewarding experience. You get to work on the front line, making a positive difference to people’s lives and also your own.

We understand that helping others is often reward enough in itself. However, we value our volunteers and go the extra mile to ensure we offer an impressive training programme of certified courses and one-to-one and group shadowing. This not only makes sure all of our volunteers are fully prepared and capable of offering support; it also means that many are able to progress on to related career paths.

There are volunteering opportunities within both of our services.