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Have you heard about the new listening service in Birmingham? It’s called Rapha, and it’s based in Alum Rock; just off the Alum Rock Road.

Rapha has been set up by Bethel Health and Healing Network so that local people can have somewhere to go where they can talk to someone in confidence about whatever is on their minds and be listened to. Listened to in a way which is not judgmental. Listened to by someone who has been professionally trained to hear and understand.

Life can, at times appear as though it`s moving way too quickly, taking us in a direction we had not imagined it would, with no one having time to listen anymore – including friends and family.

What does the word ‘Rapha’ mean?

Rapha means healing – which can include healing the mind as well as the body.

Who is Rapha for?

Rapha is here for the local community. Anyone who is over 18 years of age can use the service.

How Rapha helps.

Rapha’s trained volunteers will listen to you. If you want them to, they will also let you know about other services that might be helpful to you. Everything you say will be in confidence between you and the Listener, in accordance with Rapha’s guidelines.

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