Chair of Bethel Health and Healing Network

Duncan Moore

Duncan has enjoyed a long and successful career as a leader in Medical Sales and Marketing within the Healthcare sector spanning over 30 years. In the past 15 years, he has specialised in working with SMEs and particularly enjoys the challenge of taking on the big institutions. Duncan is currently the business owner of a small independent Orthopaedic company and an innovative Medical Technology distribution company.

Duncan is respected, motivated, focussed and well known within the community of Professors, Consultants and Clinicians throughout the UK and this has driven one of his passions in being an advocate for men’s health

As A committed Christian man, (42 years) and former Pastor, Duncan allows his faith to do the talking in regards to how he behaves and interacts with those around him in a positive way. His leadership style is of one who is calm and composed under pressure, delivering clear, hands-on leadership and direction in a gracious and respectful way.

His passion for seeing social, racial, health and economic justice prevail for all and at all levels in society, has led Duncan to be an active Board Member for the Human Rights Organisation, Journey to Justice, who assists those with no voice to be heard.

Duncan is happily married (23 years) and has 3 grown-up children. He enjoys a healthy lifestyle, regularly exercises and plays golf. Reading plays a major part in his relaxation time.