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Bethel Doula Service supports some of the most vulnerable, isolated and destitute pregnant women in Birmingham. The women we help range in background from vulnerable teenage mums and women escaping abusive situations, to asylum seekers and refugees.

These women have nothing at all to welcome their new babies into this world; no nappies, no baby-grows, no blankets, no towels, no toys… nothing at all. For themselves; they have no sanitary towels, no toiletries, nothing… not even toothpaste.

Many also go through hours of childbirth alone. No partner, no family, and no friends to hold their hand and let them know they’ll be OK.

With your help Bethel Doula Service can change this.

Every time you make a £10 donation, Bethel Doula Service is able to put together an Emergency Maternity Pack for an expectant vulnerable mother; filled with baby-wear and necessary toiletries and other items. An Emergency Maternity Pack helps the mums we support to give birth to their babies knowing that at least they’ll have a few of the most essential items.

A £10 donation will also sponsor a volunteer doula to attend hospital with a mum to be her birth partner at any time, day or night, and provide all of the emotional support needed throughout the long, painful and sometimes worrying hours of chid-birth.

Can you help? Each £10 donation you make will literally change a life and will probably be the best newborn baby gift ever.

Registered Charity No: 1116225.

Company number: 05813084.

Proud winner: Bex Live Health and Well-being Promotion, 2018

Proud winner: BVSC Volunteer Team  of the Year, 2017

Proud winner: Chairs award Sandwell & West Birmingham CCG Equality Award